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I can, I will just watch me!

The presentation provides real-life stories, examples, and anecdotes of overcoming professional and personal challenges, realizing our personal desire for betterment can be achieved and how we can work towards accomplishing our goals despite what may seem like daunting obstacles. After choosing to leave the corporate world and successful career behind, Claudia began her first entrepreneurial experience and created Dig It® Apparel Inc. with the personal desire to live life on her terms. Despite many challenges including launching a business during the recession and the daunting task of bootstrapping the venture with personal seed money, the company thrived and expanded across the world. This led to further personal growth and Claudia reveals to other women and would-be entrepreneurs that want to change their life for the better, how to use the fundamental strategies to build a foundation of personal success built upon three pillars: Knowledge, Emotional and Financial strength. With the stories interwoven, the presentation will provide 7 strategies to live an unstoppable life. The audience members will obtain insights and hopeful inspiration knowing they are not alone in their desire to further their dreams and overcome their challenges. By reverse engineering where we want to be into bite-size strategies, the audience member can apply the strategies to their own life and leave the presentation energized and inspired.

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