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Identification of Endophytic Fungi/Oppurtunistic Pathogen from the Perennial Herb of Amaranthaceae Family

Aerva lanata, a perennial herb in the Amaranthaceae family of the genus Aerva, native to Asia, Africa, and Australia was subjected to endophytic isolation and characterisation. F.equiseti was isolated from leaves, stem and root of the plant. Fusarium is a large genus of filamentous fungi belongs to class sordariomycetes which are distributed in soil and in association with plants, mostly symptomless. Cultural and molecular characterisation of the organism was done. This is the first report of F.equiseti as true end phyte from Aerva lanata. True endophytes have been evolving with the host for millions of years. This organism can have an important role in the survival and protection of the plant against harsh environment and adverse conditions.

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