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The study of the extraordinary has always had glamour, not usually accorded, to the study of the ordinary. What happens at the end of a microscope or telescope; that is the stuff of science? Yet the most revolutionary advances in science were made when scientists sought to explain, the obvious concepts like gravitations, infections, disease etc. Human social behaviour is one such concept. It is as familiar an object of study as one could possibly imagine. We perceive it and participate in it constantly. Social psychology, tries to answer questions like, why people feel and act towards one another in the way, they do and act towards one another in the way, they do and the impact of such acts. The physical growth and mental and development at a child id influenced by many factors such as balanced diet, environment at home, environment at the school and hereditary factors. All these have a great influence on the mental ability of the child. Mental ability of a child is nothing but the sum total of responses that of a child towards a stimuli. Those responses take the form of emotions. So we can say that mental ability of a child is nothing but the sum total of emotional. Emotions are both positive and negative. Under positive emotions we can list the following: - enthusiasm, optimism, motivation, eagerness, happiness, contentment and the need to do better in appositive way. Under negative emotions we can list depression, melancholy, pessimism, discontent, carelessness, and the need to archive is paramount but the means of achieving may be questionabl The academic achievement of a child depends upon the reception, grasping, memory, recollection and representation of all that he has learnt in school. All the above are again dependent on the emotions that a child undergoes. That is, positive emotions have a positive impact and negative emotions have a negative impact

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