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Impact of Four Plant Species on Soil Properties in Poshtkouh Rangelands of Yazd Province (Iran)

In this study we investigated the impact of various plant index species such as Artemisia aucheri, Artemisia sieberi, Astragalus albispinus and Stipa barbata on soil properties in Poshtkouh rangelands of Yazd Province (Iran). Sampling of soil was performed with randomizedsystematic method. In each key area, 20 soil samples were collected under the plant species crown (canopy) and in the space between pant crowns (interspace) at two depths, 0–30 and 30– 60 cm. The measured soil variables included texture, lime, acidity (pH), electrical conductivity and values of N, P, K, C. To Comparing of the measured soil characteristics beneath plant species and adjacent control area, an independent t test (t-test) was used. The result of comparing soil characteristic under the plant species crown (canopy) and in the space between plant crowns (interspace) showed that soil had the highest significant differences between k and pH under the Ar. sieberi canopy and interspace. Similarly significant differences were observed for N and C in 0-30 cm under the Ar. aucheri crown and interspace, presence of As. albispinus alter amount of N and C in both layer and it had high significant differences in two area and soils had high significant differences with C and lime in 0-30 and 30-80 respectively between under the S. barbata canopy and interspace.

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