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Individual Differences in Personality and Reasoning Traits between Individuals Accused of Murder and Those Who have not Committed Murder

This article proposes a theoretical-experimental study regarding subjects who have committed murder, for the purpose of identifying the differences in terms of reasoning, cognitive schemas and personality traits. For this, new theoretical-experimental tendencies in humanities, sciences and law have been approached and a study was proposed in the Romanian population, with regard to individual differences in the act of murder. The study included 492 individuals residing in several cities of Romania. There were two samples: the first included incarcerated subjects and the second included subjects outside the correctional system. The gender distribution was equal (50% women, 50% men), with the average age being 34, and the average education level was 10-12 grades. A part of the research results confirmed certain study goals, while others had a major impact on outlining the theoretical-experimental descriptions required in this paper.

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