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Is early CKD are more likely to die of cardiovascular (CV) disease than they are to a progress to ESRD – A study from a tertiary care from central India

Aim: As CKD progresses, the risk of CV disease becomes increasingly exaggerated—with an increasing excess of arrhythmia, sudden cardiac death and congestive cardiac failure . This excess of CV disease is intrinsically linked to cardiac structural and functional abnormalities, which start to develop early in CKD. In order to know the early changes in cardiac structure this study was conducted in tertiary care hospital of delhi NCR.\ Material & Methods: A study were conducted on 54 patients with Chronic Kidney Disease admitted in Dept of Nephrology and organ transplantation , Sharda superspecialtly hospital . All patients were subjected to Renal Function Tests, echocardiography and all other relevant routine investigations. Results: • A total of 54 patients were studied of which 70.38% were males and 29.62% females. • The mean age of the patients was 47.97 ± 15.24 years. • The mean hemoglobin level was 8.98+_1.52 mg/dl • 42.59% of the studied patients were having ckd due to diabetic kidney disease. • The Cardiovascular abnormalities observed were LVH (37.9%), Diastolic dysfunction (6%), pericardial effusion (20.68%), and Valvular lesions (51.3%), • Among Diabetics the Cardiovascular abnormalities observed were LVH (44.4%), Diastolic dysfunction (11.1%), pericardial effusion (22.2%), Valvular lesions (55.5%), . • The prevalence of cardiovascular abnormality in stage II, IIIB, IV, and V was 3.4%, 3.4, 10.4%, and 55% respectively. • Mitral regurgitation AND tricuspid present regurgitation in 24.13% and 27.58% of patients. • ALL patients with low Hemoglobin level were having cardiac abnormalities in our study. Conclusion: • Cardiovascular abnormalities increases with increasing stages of CKD

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