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Isolation and Sequence Analysis of Drought Induced Dreba in Indian Wheat Cultivars Under Water Stress Condition

Isolation and Sequence Analysis of Drought Induced Dreb2a in Indian Wheat Cultivars Under Water Stress Condition

Wheat is one of the most important staple food crop in the world is adversely affected by drought. Understanding its genetics and genome organization using molecular markers is of great value for plant breeding purposes. Drought tolerance is a difficult trait to define as it encompasses a wide range of characteristics involving multiple genetic, physiological, cellular and biochemical strategies in the plants. The transcription factor, DREB2A is one of the promising candidate genes involved in the dehydration tolerance in crop plants. Dehydration responsive element binding (DREB) protein is a subfamily of AP2/ERF transcription which control expression of many drought, salinity and cold inducible genes and causing tolerance to environmental stresses in many plants. The main property of DREB gene is conserved AP2 domain that binds to stress responsive elements. Some selected wheat genotypes were taken for isolation and sequence analysis of DREB2A. NL 897/NL 714//BL 2218 and BAW 969/SHATABDI wheat genotypes along with C 306, drought tolerant variety revealed the presence of AP2 domain when multiple sequence alignment was performed across genotypes. .

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