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Keeping up with Aging: An Ergonomics Perspective

Aging is ubiquitous but uneven. Regarded in perspective, aging perception has evolved as the lifestyle, the hygiene and the implementation of the medical advancements came across. Based on the past and present figures, there is solid evidence that the number of population over 70 years of age will increase in 2050 about three times vs. 2015 and about 5 times to 2100 when the counting will reach about 2 million people. There has been also observed a trend in extending the active life which became more visible by 1980’s when the retirement age was extended in many countries. This implies that more and more old age people are involved in the economic and social activities receive or provide services as the adult population. Previous studies indicate that less than 1/3 of active people plan to take retirement at the legal retirement age [1]. It is somehow clear that ergonomics of aging will play a significant role in providing the suitable tools to the older people to the extent that they will be able to continue their active life for longer and in a healthy and comfortable way.

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