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Kidney transplant from a donor brain death: single-center study

Introduction: In 2010, our structure had its 1st kidney transplants from donor brain death ( EME) after 20 years of transplants from living donors, opening with chronic renal failure terminals new therapeutic perspectives. Materials and methods: This is a single-center retrospective descriptive study of 9 years (September 2010-September 2019), colligeant all kidney transplant patients from a donor EME since the inception of this program. The aim of this study is to describe its epidemiological, clinical, surgical, treatment and outcome. Results: 35 patients were transplanted from a donor in EME, after a period of dialysis on average 5.91 years and an average waiting time of 2.7 years after enrollment on the waiting list, 53% were group O blood and 90% had no anti-HLA antibodies. The average time was 16 hours (8 am-32h52) for cold ischemia and 1:20 for warm ischemia. Therapeutically, all received an induction treatment with Thymoglobulin and triple therapy combining corticosteroids and mycophenolate mofetil anticalcineurins. 42% had a delayed recovery of the graft requires an average of 5 hemodialysis. Nine cases of surgical complications have been reported including 3 lymphocele 2 stenosis of the renal artery and neoplastic complications including myeloma. The average creatinine at one year post-transplant was 10, 8 mg / L ± 4.7, and one discharge cell type was noted. Four patients died from myeloma (1), tuberculosis (2) and DIC (1). The current average renal function all patients is 11.7 mg / L ± 4.9 creatinine, without return notable dialysis. Discussion: Kidney transplantation from donor EME offers better survival in hemodialysis lengthening life expectancy of 17.19 years compared to that in hemodialysis which is 5.84 years. Conclusion: Before an activity report as encouraging, even more so for a young project, kidney transplant from a donor EME faces demand increasingly growing to ensure its sustainability by raising public awareness the importance of organ donation, beyond its symbolic of generosity but as a saving gesture in itself.

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