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Laparoscopic Sterilization of Female Wild Boars by Tubal Cauterization

Laparoscopic Sterilization of Female Wild Boars by Tubal Cauterization

The population of wild boars increases very fast because of their reproductive potential and environmental adaptability. They give birth to 4-6 litters per year depending upon the nutrition, age of sow’s and time and season of the year. The fertility control is considered as an alternate means for solving the population explosion in captive and free range wild animals. So it is very important to control the increasing population of wild boars for the betterment of farmers as this species causes a great harm to farmers’ fields by damaging the crops and also associated as cause of human death in some casesin India. There are various methods of population controls of wild animals in captivity i.e. segregating the male and female wild animals in different enclosures, immunocontraceptives etc., but surgical methods are thought to be the humanely means of population control of wild animals. In the present study we used tubal cauterization by laparoscopy which is a blood less surgery and is more efficient and very less time consuming.

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