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Ligand Field and Counter Anion Effects on the Thermal Stability of Copper(II) Complexes of 1,2-Di(imino-4’-antipyrinyl)ethane and 4-N-(4’-antipyrylmethylidene) aminoantipyrine

A comparative thermolytic investigation on copper(II) complexes with two antipyrine Schiff base derivatives, namely 1,2-Di(imino-4’-antipyrinyl)ethane (GA) and 4-N-(4’-antipyrylmethylidene) aminoantipyrine (AA), with different counter anions like perchlorate,nitrate, chloride, and bromide has been done by thermogravimetric and derivative thermogravimetric analysis. The present investigation reveals that the counter anions and the ligand field play a big role on the thermal stability of the copper (II) complexes of both Schiff base derivatives. For the present complexes, the thermal decomposition mechanism has been investigated according to Šatava, which follows a ‘random nucleation with one nucleus on each particle, i.e. the Mampel model’.

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