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Living the Rest of Your Life- the Life After Retirement

Retiring does not mean “life is completed and no longer
worth living”. Health has worn out with age, if understood
in religion, is preparing for the next life. There
are many reasons for you to live happily, to pass on to
your children and grandchildren as your parents did for
you. Not to mention increasingly weakened body, it is
time to need your children to help, and serve until the
last breath. You need to convey your ideas and wishes
for the moment of death.With the experience of living
and working, the older people can create a warm living
environment, a useful connection with the younger generation.
This book is a guide to psychology, beliefs, and
how to maintain a “thin” but strong body through examples,
and the analysis of current trends. The end of life,
everyone must go through. Each of them has different
circumstances, but everyone has to explore, and research
to have a peaceful end, and people staying behind are less
tormented and suffering. Articles and speeches are selected
influential people in political, cultural, and religious
life. Following will be a commentary from reputable
newspapers. Thus, readers will understand the problem,
and have knowledge of timeless philosophy.

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