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Management of Acute Coronary Syndrome

Acute coronary syndrome is a common cause of acute heart failure, and having both illnesses increases the chance of short- term death compared to having just the acute coronary syndrome. Acute coronary syndrome might be difficult to diagnose in patients with accute heart failure Electrocardiograms can be muddled by pre-existing abnormalities, and cardiac biomarkers are typically increased in individuals with chronic or acute heart failure, even if they do not have an acute coronary syndrome. In individuals with acute heart failure, it's critical to differentiate between temporary or limited myocardial injury and primary myocardial infarction caused by vascular events. This paper presents many clinical situations to aid in the diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome as a cause of acute heart failure and attempts to offer doctors with tools to aid in the differentiation between these illnesses. The interpretations of ECG and biomarker findings, as well as imaging approaches that may aid in the diagnosis process, are discussed. Regardless of electrocardiographic or biomarker data, guidelines advocate a rapid invasive strategy for patients with acute heart failure and acute coronary syndrome. Patients with acute coronary syndrome and acute heart failure should be managed pharmacologically according to guidelines specific to each of these syndromes, with priority given to time-sensitive treatments in both cases. To better define the care of patients with a combination of acute coronary syndrome and acute heart failure, more research on these patients is needed.

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