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Management of Late Blight of Potato through Fungicides

The field experiments were conducted during Rabi season of 2014-15 and 2015-2016 in Birbhum district under Lateritic Red and Undulating Agro-climatic region of West Bengal to find out the field efficacy of different fungicides against late blight of potato (cv. Kufri Jyoti). During 2014-15, among seven fungicides, Chlorothalonil 75% WP at 2 g/litre of water was recorded more efficacious. In 2015-16, three fungicides were evaluated in different doses to standardize the effective dose of Ethaboxam 40% SC and its bioefficacy in field condition against late blight of potato. Foliage and tuber infection were significantly lower and tuber yield recorded higher in Ethaboxam treatments when applied at 1.33 ml/litre of water. There were no significant differences between two different doses (1 ml and 1.33 ml/ litre of water) of Ethaboxam. Among eleven fungicides tested, Ethaboxam were also recorded superior in case of seed-tuber treatment-cum-spraying experiment.

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