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Manipulation of Light Through Inas Photonic Waveguide for Investigation of Pressure

The influence of pressure on a semiconductor (InAs) based 1-D photonic waveguide structure is thoroughly explored in the present communication at wavelength of 1550 nm. Here, effect of pressure is theoretically cogitated in reference to diffraction loss and reflected intensity for computation of transmitted intensity at the aforementioned waveguide. Reflectance from the said structure is computed through band gap analysis by employing finite difference time domain (FDTD) techniques, whereas diffraction loss is computed through numerical formulations. Simulation upshots revealed linear variation of diffraction efficiency as well as reflected intensity with respect to variation of pressure from 1GPa to 5Gpa. Apart from this, it is also revealed that transmitted intensity increases with increase in pressure, and nicely follows the linear trend line (R2=0.9951), which claims an excellent analysis of pressure in the proposed semiconductor based photonic waveguide.

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