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Manipulation of Plant Spacing and Steckling Size to Increase Growth and Seed Yield in Carrot (Daucus Carota L.) Under Temperate Conditions of Kashmir

An experiment was conducted at Urban Technology Park, Division of Vegetable Science, SKUAST-Kashmir during 2013-2014. Four levels of spacing and four steckling sizes in carrot were used giving rise to sixteen treatment combinations. Widest spacing (60 cm x 75 cm) recorded maximum plant height number of branches plant-1, number of secondary umbels plant-1, number of tertiary umbels plant-1, seed yield per primary umbel, secondary umbel and tertiary umbel and seed yield plant-1. However highest seed yield, number of secondary and tertiary umbels were recorded in closest spacing of 60 cm × 30 cm. Extra-large steckling size (150-175 g) recorded highest plant height, number of branches plant-1, number of secondary and tertiary umbels, seed yield per primary, secondary and tertiary umbel, seed yield.

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