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Marine Habitats as Sources of Natural Products

Marine ecosystems offer promising opportunities for discovering new creatures and natural products. Even so, we still lack thorough information about the vast majority of the marine environment. Several publications published in the recent decade discussed the possibility of discovering novel bioactive chemicals or secondary metabolites in marine settings. In pharma research and chemical biology, this is and will continue to be a viable source for novel chemicals. A lot of unique methodologies have been introduced into the sector in recent years, making it easier to actively prospect for natural compounds like enzyme inhibitors. Following that, these novel compounds must be described and evaluated in contrast to well-known counterparts. A number of ongoing research efforts are focused on the exploitation of marine creatures and the diversity of metabolites that result. These are frequently encountered as medication candidates or biologically active chemicals. Among these, enzyme inhibitors are a significant group of chemicals. There is always opportunity for new discoveries, and some of the more recent ones are covered in this article.

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