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Marriage and Mental Health Among Couples

Five things that are essential for any Relationships: trust, respect, love, attention and communication. Trust is one of the most important ingredients of a happy and healthy relationship. Respecting the individuality of your partner is another important thing in a relationship. Marital distress is one of the most frequently encountered and disturbing human problems. Marital distress has powerful eوٴects on the partners, oіen leading to great sadness, worry, a high level of tension, anxiety, and depression. And, if prolonged, it can negatively impact one's physical health. It is one of the most frequently encountered and disturbing human problems. Most Common Marriage Problems Faced by Married Couples: ,infidelity Sexual diوٴerences Values and beliefs, Life stages, Traumatic situations, Money problem, Stress, Boredom, Jealousy. Everyone who is married experiences diٹcuOties but for some, these troubles reach the point that partners become profoundly disappointed and upset about their marriages and may even come to question whether they want to continue to remain married. Marital distress is very unsettling and the ways marital problems oіen progress make it easy for things to go from bad to worse.

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