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Mental Health Impact of the COVID-19 Outbreak among Family Nurses

Objective: COVID-19 outbreak can impact mental health in health care workers. This study aim was to assess the mental health impact of COVID-19 in French family nurses.

Methodology: We carried out a postal-based survey during the first French lockdown. Four psychological validated self-report questionnaires were used to assess stress, post-traumatic stress symptoms, burnout and self-efficacy (Perceived Stress scale, Impact of Event Scale-revised, Maslach Burnout Inventory and General Self-Efficacy scale).

Results: Among the 421 family nurses, 82 (19.48%) worked in high epidemic location. Eighty-six nurses reported significant posttraumatic stress symptoms (21.29%). High burnout symptoms were found in 98 (24.08%), 107 (26.29%) and 26 (6.39%) family nurses. Epidemic location was no significantly associated with psychological scores. Women reported more stress and self-efficacy than men (p<0.05). This study showed the psychological impact of COVID-19 in family nurses during the sanitary lockdown period including burnout and post-traumatic stress symptoms.

Conclusion: Up to 26% of family nurses reported psychological disturbances. Interventions to promote mental health well-being of nurses, especially in women, need to be developing.

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