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Microcycas : An Endangered Genus

Gymnosperms are the plants of always of the great values, they are characterised by the naked seeds without fruits, they have the great evolutionary values, whole gymnosperms are presented by the three lines of the evolution among them cycadales liens of the evolution are the living fossils, whole this liens contains the 11 genera with the very narrow and the restricted kinds of the distribution, they are at the junction of the extinction, among the 11 genera many have the very endemic population in some restricted part of the world, initially they were consumed by the local population for the variety of the purposes but now whole of the order needs the conservation and the protection, according to the IUCN norms and the other means. In this review article we are working on the one of the cycadales entitled as the MICROCYCAS, this is the monotypic genus with the one species termed as the Microcycas calocoma, southern cuba is the endemic point of the Microcycas and now by the IUCN version the species has been declared as the critically endangered.

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