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Morphogenetic Characterization and Genetic Analysis of Capsicum Genotypes

Sixty Capsicum sp. genotypes from different parts of India were evaluated for variability on the basis of 15qualitative and 20 quantitative characters using a randomized complete block design with 3 replications the and also with RAPD, SSR and ISSR markers to assess their genetic diversity. While the cluster analysis using a combination of 15qualitative and 20 quantitative characters grouped the genotypes in two major clusters, molecular analysis of these genotypes provided a power full tool by which their genetic structure could be characterized. The present investigation is carried out with an objective to develop a morpho-molecular tool kit for identification and authentication of capsicum genotypes for utilization in seed production chain and for establishment of intellectual property right. A morpho-molecular varietal identification system has been proposed with an objective to use as a tool in varietal identification program based on observations of morphological characters and polymorphic molecular markers. Out of sixty genotypes used in the study, thirty one genotypes can be uniquely identified with the present set of mopho-molecular dataset. Analysis of genetic distances among accessions based Euclidean distances was done which resulted in clustering of genotypes corresponding to morphological similarity. Principal group of characters useful in reflecting total variability of the accessions were identified, hence can be used as diagnostic set of characters for identification of the accessions in the process of germplasm conservation or exploitation of variability in various crop improvement programmes.

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