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Mounting Insights over Human Wellness by Utilizing Plant’s Primed Defense against Precise/Mild Oxidative Stress

In past decades, a considerable amount of research has been conducted to elucidate the impact of oxidative stress on plants imposed by different environmental factors. But most studies only focused on higher stress related aspects and attempts to predict the effect of precise/mild stress under future climate change remain untouched. Understanding precise/mild stress induced responses by characterizing physiological markers such as osmotic adjustment or antioxidant production will help us for development of innovative approach for crop improvement but the underlying mechanisms are still controversial. Furthermore, we propose how combining other research studies on such aspect could pave a pace to our understanding of this advantageous option for crop improvement which may be adopted by farmers. The purpose of this paper is to examine the potential effects of precise/mild stress to improve nutritional quality and stress tolerance of crop plants and consequently on health and well-being of neighbors such as human.

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