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Multi-Gamma Shielding Parameters for Some Heavy Metal Oxide Glasses by MCNP in Comparison with XCOM and Available Experimental Data

A simple Monte Carlo (MCNP) geometrical design was modeled to characterize the mass attenuation coefficient (μ/ρ), Mean Free Path (MFP) and Half-Value Layer (HVL) for six glass samples of (PbO-Li2O-B2O3) system that were previously prepared by others. The (μ/ρ) values were calculated at twenty gamma energy lines covering the range (0.107-7.12) MeV. The MCNP values of (μ/ρ) were compared with those of XCOM and available experimental data, and good agreement was concluded. The effect of PbO concentration on the simulated values of μ/ρ, MFP and HVL was calculated and compared with available experimental data at gamma energy range (0.356-1.332) MeV. The results showed that Pb concentration effect follows a trend similar to that observed in the available experimental literature.

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