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Multiple Myeloma and Human Immunodeficiency Virus: Experience of Côte D’ivoire

Background: No studies have been conducted concerning
Multiple Myeloma (MM) associated Human Immunodeficiency
Virus (HIV) in Côte d'Ivoire.
To describe the peculiarities of association MM-HIV.
Materials and methods: We conducted a retrospective and
descriptive study with duration of 8 years, from January 2009 to
December 2017 in Abidjan. We included the case of MM with
HIV serology positive. 10 patients among 101 cases of MM
were infected by HIV, prevalence of 9.9%.
Results: There were 6 mens and 4 females. The average age
was 53 years with extremes 31 and 75 years. Clinical signs
were bone pain (10 cases), anemia (10 cases), pathological
fractures (6 cases) and tumor syndrome (3 cases). Biologically,
8 patients had a hemoglobin level<6 d/dl, 6 had a
hypercalcemia and 3 had renal failure. Radiological signs
noted a Geode in all patients which 5 were multiple. 7
patients had been stadified ISS III. Therapeutic responses
noted Complete Response (one case), Very Good Partial
Response (two cases), and Partial Response (5 cases).
Conclusion: MM associated HIV in Côte d'Ivoire is most to
young people with severe manifestations. The treatment seems
good with the use of conventional chemotherapy.

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