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Multivariate Analysis of Vegetative and Physiological Traits in Oil Palm (Elaies guineensis Jacq) Germplasm

 Multivariate Analysis of Vegetative and Physiological Traits in Oil Palm (Elaies guineensis Jacq) Germplasm

Germplasm materials provide an opportunity for tapping advantages of natural diversity for improvement. Adequate characterization for agronomic and morphological traits is necessary to ease utilization of germplasm materials by breeders. Genetic variability among 44 oil palm germplasm populations located at the Malaysian Palm Oil Board was studied based on 18 morpho-physiological traits. Data collected on the morphp-physiological traits were subjected to two multivariate analyses viz principal component analysis and clustering analysis. The result from the analysis showed that the first three PCs with Eigenvalue greater than one (>1) accounted for 90.79% of the total variation with morphological traits being the most important characters on PC 1. Distribution pattern of the germplasm materials into three clusters using Ward’s method indicated the presence of genetic variability for most of the traits studied. The mean values of characters dominant on PC 1 was highest in cluster 1 while cluster 3 had the least mean values for these traits. The selection of these traits and palms with the desired traits could enhance oil palm improvement. Furthermore, there was lack of relationship between genetic distance and geographical origin among the oil palm germplasm..

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