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Nano scaffolds in Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medication is another answer for organ transplantation. Stem cells and Nano scaffolds area unit 2 essential elements in regenerative medication. Mesoderm stem cells (MSCs) area unit thought of as primary adult stem cells with high proliferation capability, wide differentiation potential, and immunological disorder properties that create them distinctive for regenerative medication and cell medical aid. Scaffolds area unit built Nano fibers that give appropriate microenvironment for cell sign that incorporates a nice influence on cell proliferation, differentiation, and biology. Recently, application of scaffolds and MSCs is being utilized in getting additional undiversified population of MSCs with higher cell proliferation rate and larger differentiation potential, those area unit crucial factors in regenerative medication. During this review, the definition, biology, source, characterization, and isolation of MSCs and current report of application of Nano fibers in regenerative medication in several lesions area unit mentioned.

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