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Negative Pressure Plasma Effect on Bassela alba Seeds and its after Effect Analysis in Worse Environment

Negative pressure plasma is an important tool for enhancement of seed germination, its growing time length, plant growth rate and seedling sustainability rate. Due to rapid growth of population and industrialization cultivating land in world is decreasing day by day. Hence various alternative methods for plant cultivation have been developed without any genetic risk. In this circumstance present research focus low pressure plasma technology for increasing crop yields (Bassela alba). Air assisted low pressure plasma has been applied in familiar vegetable Bassela alba seeds before plantation in a worse environment. Worse environment mentions in this research means no soil preparation, no shorting of seeds, no watering before plantation and planting in a congested area. Observation shows that the germination rate of treated seeds increased compare to the controlled seeds. The treated seedling grow rapidly compare to the controlled seedlings. Also the number of leaf per plant, plant height, and sustainability rate of treated Bassela alba seeds has increased compare to the controlled seeds.

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