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NeuroAkashico®, technology and cellular fuel. Model and tool for mental health and well-being

NeuroAkashic®, technology and cellular fuel. Model and tool for mental health and well-being. The problems of the users when having very high stress levels, which represent in high and hyper-high levels of uprooting and anchoring in the sessions. This research was performed out during the 2017-2020 cycle, working with groups of people and students through the Neuroakashic® methodology; revealed these levels called levels of brain power or performance, neuroakashic® potential or levels of consciousness: known as low, medium, high and hyper high level. NeuroAkashic® is a series of fuels for the cells, based on holographic patterns in the form of series of visual codes that works in gamma waves in order to maintain a harmonic and coherent state through the connectivity of the neural network systems of the heart and brain. In the performed studies, it was observed and demonstrated that the level and existence of consciousness can be measured and verified, that the brain is super conductive and holographic through the theory of the n+1 field, which is the interrelation of the N+1” fields and the confirmation that we are part of a large network system in network connection with other brains

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