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New Techniques and Programs to Control Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is preety big global health problem. Tuberculosis is the second most infectious disease not only in india, rather in whole world. Agent factor is ‘microbactirium tuberculosis’-Acid fast bacilli.It’s mainly spreads in endemic areas. Global T.B programme have target to end T.B till 2035.Many other programs also running in different countries like in india ‘National tuberculosis elimination program’ (new name of RNTCP-Revised national tuberculosis control program) have target to control T.B till 2025 .These programs have strategies like-Active case ditection,house to house surveys, softwares where all T.B patients are registered it design for management and compliance survices, 99 DOTs, in 2018-2019 Bedaquilline and Delamanid are added for treatment (except some compilations related with heart,eye, kidney,liver, pancreas), chemoprophylaxis of TB - DOC is Isoniazid, air born infection control kits also available, in some countries incentive system available like who will give the information of TB patient by any resources that person is awarded by some money by government. So, the aim of these programs to eliminate TB patient early for better treatment and least spread because TB detection and treatment is time taken and if the diagnosis test is lack or elimination is less it will spread more and more in community.

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