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Nitrate Toxicity and Possible Contaminant Sources in Groundwater of Western UP, India

Efforts were made to evaluate nitrate (NO- 3) content in the groundwater of rural habitations of western Uttar Pradesh, India. 61 water samples from 31 villages of district Meerut were evaluate for nitrate contamination. Nitrate level observed in the range 7.92-298.20 mg/l for individual samples and average nitrate for total samples was 71.31 ± 58.12 mg/l. 60.6% water samples were contained nitrate more than permissible limit of 45 mg/l as per U.S. EPA (Environment Protection Agency). Heavy use of nitrogenous fertilizer was identified as major responsible factor for nitrate elevation in groundwater along with open dumping of animal excreta and open laterine system of rural habitants. Groundwater is the only source of drinking water and for irrigation of 81.8% total irrigated land in the study area. Results indicated for non-suitability of groundwater for domestic purposes. Water purification techniques are not in use in the study area and continuous consumption of such water may pose serious health hazardous in villagers.

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