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Occurrence of Fish Mouth Seeds in Hot Pepper (Capsicum annum L.) and Effect on Seed Quality

Occurrence of “Fish Mouth” Seeds in Hot Pepper (Capsicum annum L.) and Effect on Seed Quality

Hot pepper seeds may contain split seed coats which can be called as “fish mouth” seeds. Though this character is genetic or varietal, these seeds pose problem for seed treatment and packaging. In an experiment conducted at UAS, Raichur during 2012-13, it is found that the seeds with split seed coat recorded lowest seed quality parameters when treated with combination of polymer and fungicides as compared to no treatment. The seeds with no treatment recorded highest germination (89%), rate of germination (13.0) and seedling vigour index (1541) and polymer-fungicide treatment recorded lowest germination (73%), slow rate of germination (10.2) and produced less vigorous plants (1061). The polymer treatment has no adverse affect on seed quality. In Tetrazolium test under image analyzer, it is showed that the seeds treated with polymer-fungicide combination produced embryos with dead radicle tips, necrotic patches and almost pre-germinated. Whereas seeds with no seed treatment produced healthy and vigorous embryos. The seeds with split seed coats should be packed as naked seeds and their inbred lines should be classified as difficult to produce (DTP) which will help the seed growers.

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