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Origin of the Inertia (Mass) of “Quantum Mechanical Probability Waves” (“De Broglie Waves”/“Material Waves”). A Mathematical Framework in Quantum Physics for the Quantization of Mass, Electric Charge and Magnetic Spin

This article will prove and supply the mathematical evidence that “Quantum Mechanical Probability Waves” (De Broglie waves / Material Waves) do have mass. “De Broglie Waves” contain all the mass of all the matter in our universe. What we do measure in our complex experiments are only “De Broglie Waves” and never the illusionary elementary particles. “De Broglie Waves” are the only carrier of the Physical Observable (Measurable) world. Elementary particles are the worldwide accepted physical concept during the last 2400 years since Democritus, a Greek philosopher (460 - 370 BC) had introduced the fundamental concept of the atom (atomos). The “New Theory” presents a “New Equation” describing the electromagnetic field configurations which are also solutions of the Schrodinger's wave equation and the relativistic quantum mechanical Dirac Equation and carry mass, electric charge and magnetic spin at discrete values.

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