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Pandemic-Stress Disorder and Welfare toward today’s Covid-19

Background: The focus of the present article is to propose of
a new psychopathology: Pandemic -Stress-Disorder. Another
objective is also and to present a broader and supportive view
of the psychological associations, challenges and coping
strategies of the Covid-19 with a special attention to physical
and not social distancing measures.
Methods: Based on a literature review, latest development
comparison and the empirical analysis for the Covid-19
pandemic regarding current psychopathology and treatment,
the present work provides a new prospective psychopathology
and explores novel strategies to its management.
Results: In the today’s world there is an increasing number of
virus- pathogenic beliefs, fears and panic among any ageprofessionals.
These unconscious attitudes in a comorbidity
with other disorders, can produce a destabilization of the
psycho-emotional and social behavior health. People with the
Covid-19 difficulties fight for their own safety but also, the
severity and complexity of other psychic co morbidity are
developing a challenge of their mental health. These processes
have been randomly analyzed in the literature but they should
be allocated to a broader plan-management in the current
Conclusion: To successfully cope with these challenges,
immediate needs have arisen to redefine the role of the health
Psychologist and health workers in the community both in
terms of a deep studying of the phenomena, its development,
factors, consenquences, psychoeducation, anxiety and in panic
management for the Traumatic-Stress-Disordered person.

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