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Past Conference Report - Analytical Chemistry 2020

Analytical Chemistry 2020 is well-satisfied to invite all of you to the “12th World Congress Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation” booked for October 19-20, 2020 in Rome, Italy. analytical chemistry Congress, the gathering gives increasingly engaged sessions like symposiums, lectures, workshops on an assortment of themes, publication introductions, and different programs for members from everywhere throughout the world. The Conference tackles up to give you the chance to meet and
communicate with leading scholars, researchers, friends, colleagues, sponsors, exhibitors, and undergraduates over the globe to pass on general gathering for the announcement of interesting examination results, new discoveries, and utilitarian change understanding. The theme of Analytical ChemistryCongress is “Advancement and up-gradation in the field of Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation”. Analytical Chemistry2020 unites the participants from the scientific community who has contributed well in the field of Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation.

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