Past Conference Report: Green Chemistry 2020

Journal of Chromatography Research.

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Past Conference Report: Green Chemistry 2020

Chemistry and Technology scheduled to be held on February 28-29, 2020 at Rome, Italy. We warmly invite all Chemistry, Environmental, and technical experts related to the Green Chemistry field who are interested in sharing their practical knowledge and research experience in the arena of Green Chemistry. Green Chemistry conferences aim to bring together with the prominent researcher’s academic scientists, and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences on all aspects of Green Chemistry. It is conjointly a knowledge domain platform for researchers, practitioners, and educators to gift and discuss the foremost
recent advances, trends, and issues in addition as sensible challenges and solutions adopted in the fields of Green Chemistry. Green chemistry or sustainable chemistry is a phenomenon that applies to several areas of environmental and agricultural sciences, geological sciences; green engineering and echnology. In this era, chemical-based industries and technologies used are in the emergence to become greenness. The need of Chemical industries is to produce eco-friendly sustainable toxic-free substances or materials, source reduction and pollution prevention is the main concept of green chemistry. The congress is being organized in a beautiful, vivid, cultural city of Prague that has a history of several hundred years of welcoming people across the Globe. The city magnetizes more than 26 million tourists Worldwide every year. We are pretty sure that selecting this city for the Congress will add glamour for a social, cultural and touristic attraction while deliberating
scientific presentation in a warm nice ambience. The conference would be focusing on Chemistry with the theme “Empowering World towards Pure Techniques: Green Chemistry and Technology”

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