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Pattern of Heart Failure in an Adult Kenyan Population

 Pattern of Heart Failure in an Adult Kenyan Population

Background: Pattern of heart failure shows geographical and ethnic variation. These data are important for informing management strategies. There are no recent reports from Kenya. Objective: To describe the pattern of heart failure in a black Kenyan population. Materials and Methods: This was a prospective study of 116 adult black patients with clinical and laboratory diagnosis of heart failure at a National and regional referral hospital in Kenya between January – November, 2011. Patients were analyzed for cause, age and gender distribution. Results: The causes of heart failure were cardiomyopathy (18.1%) hypertensive heart failure (15.5%), vulvular heart disease (12.9%), ischaemic heart disease (9.5%), anemia (7.7%). Mean age was 52.2 years. Over 40% of the patients were below 40 years. There was no gender difference. Conclusion: Heart failure is still predominantly non ischemic but coronary heart disease has assumed greater prominence over the last 10-15 years. It affects younger individuals with no gender bias. Control measures should target both non ischaemic and ischaemic causes and commence early.

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