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Photobiomodulation with Low-Level Laser in the Treatment of Trismus after Radiotherapy: A Case Report

Importance: Radiotherapy is one of the treatments for cancer treatment, which leads to many oral side effects that affect the quality of life of the patient; among them, trismus is considered. Considering the various therapies to treat this collateral effect of radiotherapy, photobiomodulation (PBM) with low level laser is a contemporary alternative. In this article, all clinical case report is presented in which the patient was given trismus after radiotherapy and PBM with low level laser. The measurement of the buccal opening was evaluated in each treatment session with a digital caliper, and the pain was evaluated through the Visual analogue scale (VAS). The efficacy of the photobiomodulation protocol on the trismus after radiotherapy was evidenced by the decrease of pain and increase of the buccal opening.

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