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Plant Biostimulant Properties of Seaweed Extracts

The term "biostimulants" refers to biologically derived substances or microorganisms that, when applied to plants via root drench, foliar spray, or a combination of the two, are intended to stimulate natural processes in the plant that are responsible for efficient plant nutrient use efficiency and growth processes, as well as an increase in tolerance to abiotic and biotic stress, irrespective of abiotic and biotic stress. Algal extracts are biostimulants, not fertilisers, because they stimulate the plant's defence and growth response when applied. Furthermore, it has not been demonstrated that the profiles of algal extracts naturally contain fertiliser components at levels sufficient to qualify it as a fertiliser. Since investigations found that these complex mixes contained different biostimulatory substances such as various forms of carbohydrates, amino acids, minor quantities of phytohormones, osmoprotectants, and proteins, there has been a lot of interest on seaweed-based extracts. Seaweed-based biostimulants have been demonstrated to improve stress tolerance, nutrient uptake, growth, and yield, as well as reduce seed dormancy and improve root systems, flowering, fruit quality and taste, and even produce quality. Crop productivity improves as a result of these all-around benefits.

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