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Plasticity of your brain and happiness: Meditation and mindfulness as our light for well-being

Living in the most compelling time in human history, our brain is overloaded and cluttered with a plethora of information. This overload increases our risk for a variety of mental and physical health problems, including heightened stress, anxiety, uneasiness, discomfort, insomnia and depression. This all comes at significant personal, social and economic cost and affects all aspects of modern life. We have to counter this and awaken ourselves from a scattered, daydreaming state of mind to a positive, affirming, deep sense of joy and peace. The purpose of this presentation is to explain the connection between Buddhist teachings and positive psychology. Buddhists??? practice of meditation and mindfulness may reinforce positive psychology and help your brain be healthier by developing a friendship between your mind and body. Many studies validate that meditation strengthens areas of the brain involved in memory, learning and emotional flexibility and lowers stress levels. Meditation can alter the brain to strengthen crucial components of happiness: Resilience, equanimity, calm and a sense of compassionate connection to others. Meditation may improve not just cognitive abilities but also our immune system. If we practice meditation and mindfulness regularly every 
day, we can cultivate inner peace and joy, wisdom, loving-kindness and compassion. In this way, we can liberate ourselves from suffering and distress and promote peace and well-being. This study recommends creating daily schedule and establishing a new habit of practicing meditation and mindfulness to allow your mind and body to rest and heal. The more you practice meditation and mindfulness, the more you will experience the increased plasticity of your brain and happiness.

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