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Post natal management of Antenatal Hydronephrosis

Post natal management of Antenatal Hydronephrosis Background Hydronephrosis is one of the common anomalies identified on the screening sonography in the antenatal period. In the post natal life, not all the children born with hydronephrosis require surgical intervention. This leads to a dilemma in the management especially in the antenatal period regarding optimal dissemination of information to the parents. Objective The aim of this presentation is to address this in the practical context as how to evaluate these children and counsel the parents. Methods A retrospective study was carried out with data acquired by proforma with information on antenatal mothers attending Pediatric Surgery clinic over a period of 6 months. Analysis of data concerning children with antenatally diagnosed hydronephrosis was separately carried out. Results Majority of the hydronephrosis identified antenatally did not require any surgical intervention in the postnatal period on follow up. Among the children who required surgical intervention, Pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction was the commonest surgical problem in addition to posterior urethral valves, vesico ureteric reflux, vesico ureteric junction obstruction. Conclusion Antenatal hydronephrosis can be satisfactorily evaluated by sonography in the postnatal period and with the judicious use of scintigraphy, children who require intervention can be reliably identified.

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