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Potential of Vermiwash over Phytohormones and Bio-controlling Agents on Antioxidants and Germination Enzymes in Open Pollinated and Hybrid Variety of Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.)

Utilization of Okra is now widely allied with the hindrance of diseases like cancer, goiter and cardiovascular disorder due to its antioxidant components. Leaves of okra have the tendency to reduce oxygen free radicals. Although poor germination and slower growth of open-pollinated crop as compared to hybrid variety open up the tremendous scope in terms of using various seed enhancement technique. The present investigation was undertaken in order to know the effect of pre-sowing invigorating seed treatments through priming on various antioxidant and germination enzymes including chlorophyll and protein content in open pollinated (MIS077) and Hybrid (Bhindi No. 10) variety of Okra. The different pre-sowing invigouration seed treatments showed the differential response for all the evaluated enzymes together with protein and chlorophyll content. The result obtained revealed that priming of okra seed was very encouraging in terms of antioxidant and germination enzyme activity and showed significant enhancement in the Catalase, peroxidase, superoxide dismutage, amylase and protease activity. The total protein and chlorophyll content in the leaves have been enhanced. Amongst, the treatments evaluated, the effect of [email protected]% was superior to PGR’s and bio-control agents. A performance of open pollinated variety seemed better than the hybrid control with this treatment. However, in the PGR group higher dose of kinetin (@10 ppm) showed increased effect followed by GA3 @100 ppm and IAA @ 100 ppm. Conclusively priming of okra seeds with vermiwash @ 50% concentration has been found the better option over the use of PGR or bio-control agents for enhancing enzymatic and photosynthetic efficiency of okra leaves which is cost effective and easy to handle and may be opted by the resource poor farmers at the village level..

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