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Pregnancy after KidneyTransplantation

Pregnancy is not contraindicated in renal transplant recipients with stable renal function, and a successful and healthy obstetric outcome can be expected in 95% of several cases. The incidence of maternal and fetal complications is related to the degree of graft dysfunction and/or hypertension prior to pregnancy. Poorer prognosis is connected with poor renal function. If complications occur before 28 weeks, then successful obstetric outcome is minimized by 20%. More information is needed about the intrauterine effects and neonatal consequences of maternal immunosuppression, which shows harmless at maintenance levels. From the data that was available it seems that pregnancy does not compromise long-term transplant prognosis. Non-existence of prospective controlled studies transplant pregnancy registries are the only viable means of providing clinicians with timely and relevant guidance on pregnancy outcomes on which to base management guidelines.

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