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Prevalence and Associated Factors of Bovine Paramphistomum in Fedis District Boko Slaughter House, Eastern Hararghe, Ethiopia

A cross sectional study was carried out from April 2019 to October 2019 in Fedis district Boko slaughter house to determine the prevalence and associated factors of Paramphistomum in cattle in the study area. For this study, 384 cattle were selected by systematic random sampling methods and postmortem examination was conducted to check the presence or absence of adult Paramphistomum in rumen and reticulum. The parasite was examined macroscopically and microscopically to appreciate the morphology of adult flukes. An overall prevalence of bovine Paramphistomum was 40.6% by postmortem examination. Age, gender, body condition and origin of animals were assessed as risk factor for occurrence of paramphistomumiasis. The prevalence was higher in poor body conditioned cattle than in medium and good. However, highest infection rate of paramphistomumiasis was observed in cattle brought from highland than mid highland and lowland areas. Among risk factors, body condition and origin of animals was statistically significant variation (p<0.05) with infection. However, gender and age groups of animals were not statistically significant difference (p>0.05) with infection. The present finding indicates that the of infection rate of Paramphistomum were high in the study area. Therefore, it is recommended to livestock owners to improve feeds provision in order to obtain good body condition providing sufficient level of resistance against infections. Integrated control approach using selected anthelmintic therapy for flukes and protecting the animals from contaminated pasture to reduce the magnitude of the problem.

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