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Prospective Randomised Study Comparing Outcome Case of Hemorrhoids After LigaSure and Stapler

Aim: It has been shown that for the diathermy and scissor have harmful effect and complicated of pain that little with Harmonica and Ligasure in anal surgery especially hemorrhoidectomy ,so in this study we compare the LigaSure with this stapling debate.

Methods: 50 patients had 3rd to 4th degree piles were grouped to undergo LigaSure™ or stapling hemorrhoidopexy for piles hemorrhoidectomy. In zagazig university surgical department. Parameters investigated pain, satisfaction or residual and recurrence, also post operative course and analgesia

Results: Equal results in all most analyzed of both groups. Patient satisfaction (P value = 1), Postoperative pain scores (P value=0.99), and self activity satisfaction (P value = 0.99). No major difference except in investigations.

Conclusion: Two methods cane be used safely in two groups.

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