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Psychiatric Issues in Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

This study has critically emphasized the prevalence and associated comorbidities of Multiple sclerosis along with brief discussion on the current treatment and developments in line with this disease state. More than 2.3 million people around the world have been witnessed affected though this chronic disease and most importantly, it significant impacted 1 in 1000 people in the western countries. The most critical prevalence of this disease state is depression which sometimes leads to increase suicidal risks. It has been found in the studies that due to the nature of overlapping symptoms with time carrying out effective treatment facilities have been a major challenge for the medical practitioners even until now. Different psychiatric comorbidities are associated with this chronic disease such as anxiety disorders, substance misuse and personality disorders along with cognitive changes includes attention, learning and language deficits are very common among the patients having Multiple sclerosis. This study has undertaken PRISMA model as a methodology to select the standardized papers followed by succinct inclusion and exclusion criteria. From the PRISMA model 10 journals publications have been selected and based on the study findings the reliable findings have been withdrawn. The findings of the study suggested that there are various psychiatric issues mainly depression, anxiety and other associated mental disorders critical impact the social, family and working environment of an individual. It has been suggested that MS patients need to visits psychiatric personal for early stage detection which would help in finding out the correct pathway for recovery or minimize the adverse impact of the disease states and further extensive studies needed to be carried out to understand the in-depth knowledge regarding this chronic diseases impacting lives of million people worldwide.

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