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Psychosocial Aspects of HIV/AIDS

Research show that the HIV/AIDS spread is affected by psychosocial and cultural elements, among other reasons. Targeting the spread of the HIV both in personal and in the community level, requires preventive measures, which are using a multi-level approach. Part of this approach could rely on Social Cognitive Models (SCM) such as the Health Belief Model and Theory of Planned Behaviour in order to overcome risky behaviour. This manuscript is observing the need to expand the use of SCM and offers to widen the understanding of the overall context of the HIV through the term of Syndemics, mainly in the Sub Saharan context. Syndemics is define as “a theoretical perspective to understand the synergistic interaction of coexisting diseases and biological and environmental factors that worsen the complex outcomes of those diseases in populations" Examining the HIV pandemic in a more cultural and psychosocial lens might contribute to the efforts conducted to reduce the spread of the HIV/AIDS worldwide.

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