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Rapid and Efficient Regeneration Protocol in Dioscorea alata L.

Rapid and Efficient Regeneration Protocol in Dioscorea alata L.

We attempted to develop an improved and efficient regeneration protocol for this valuable medicinal species. Nodal explants cultured on MS medium supplemented with various concentrations of different growth hormone i.e. 2, 4-D, NAA and BAP alone or in combinations showed shoot induction or direct plantlet proliferation from the axillary buds. Highest multiplication rate (100 per cent) was obtained from nodal explants when MS medium supplemented with IBA (0.1 and 0.2 mg/l) along with BAP (2.0 mg/l), showed maximum number of plantlets 18.0±1.16 and 19.67±0.88 respectively. The in vitro raised plantlets were transplanted to mixture of sterile dune sand and FYM (3:1) with 70 % success in hardening and acclimatization under natural humidity conditions ..

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