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Refinement of Cost Reduction Technology in Sugarcane Micro propagation

Refinement of Cost Reduction Technology in Sugarcane Micro propagation

In the present study, an efficient ex-vitro rooting technique was developed for sugarcane commercial cultivar CoS 96268 based on the assessment of several factors. Axillary bud cultures of nodal segments were used in this experiment. The parameters optimized for ex vitro rooting includes the effects of auxin concentration, propagule size, shoot size, duration of auxin pulse treatment, sucrose concentration in multiplication medium, ex-vitro rooting medium were studied. The results showed that the auxin concentration @ 20 mg/l gave maximum rooting percentage. Among 0h, 6h,12h and 24h treatment duration with auxin, 24h treatment duration developed better roots. 90 to 95% rooting was observed in three shoot propagule with 5 to 6 cm length of in vitro micro shoots. It has been observed that sucrose concentration in multiplication medium also influenced the ex vitro rooting. Sucrose at 45 g/l gave good results. Sand was best rooting medium among the peat, peat + soil and vermiculite for the development of ex vitro roots in green house conditions. Ex vitro rooted plants were transplanted in field and 90-98% survival percent was found same as in vitro propagated plants of sugarcane.

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