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Regulating Horticultural Crops by Cultural and Chemical Methods

Horticulture crops possess an important place in our daily life. In consumer-driven trend, the demand for horticulture produce has risen along significantly around the year including their off period along with their quality attributes. Apart from the consumer demand, climate change is also impacting flowering and fruiting time which made it needful that the crop is produced on time. These have resulted in search of methods to tune or regulate horticulture crops; mostly their flowering and fruiting time so they can fulfill the prevailing demand and overcome changing climate impact. Although development in biotechnology and breeding aspects has permitted a huge development in crops availability and their sustainability; apart from these, there are several cultural and chemical methods to regulate crops based on plants’ physiological responses to environment and chemicals. The purpose of this discussion is to review knowledge available on the regulation of flowering and fruiting by manipulation of environment or usage of chemicals.

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