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Renal dysfunction & significant restoration to normal EGFR by novel ACE inhibitors: A retrospective analysis

This study has been based on the improvements observed in predominantly diabetic patients with EGFR falling below normal, leading to stage III and stage IV renal damage. The study consisted of a review of 82 patients' clinical records.

Approximately 27% of the patients had demonstrated falling EGFR and were started on Perindopril 8mg or Trandolopril 2-4mg per day. The duration of treatment needed to restore to normal EGFR varied from eight to sixteen weeks depending on the extent of dysfunction (EGFR>40). The population consisted of male and female patients mainly of South Asian origin. Perindopril has shown to be beneficial in patients with EGFR of over 40 and Trandolopril 4mg dose has been useful in patients with stage IV cases. The findings have encouraged me to initiate diabetic patients with the above mentioned ACEI for prevention of renal dysfunction.

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